Welcome to The Elaine Mayson Gallery

This section of the site provides a collection of Elaine’s recent work and facilitates online purchasing of photographic prints in a variety of formats.

Please note: These old galleries can be viewed but photographs can no longer be bought on this section. If there are photos you would like to buy please contact Elaine by email or by phone 07720777832 to give the numbers and files of the photographs or digital files you wish to purchase.

New Feature: All galleries now provide a ‘playback’ feature which automatically plays forward or backwards through the selected gallery making photo selection even easier.

KSD Romeo & Juliet (Friday & Saturday cast) 2019KSD Romeo & Juliet (Sunday cast) 2019KSD Showcase 2019KSD Flower Fairies (from above) 2019KSD Flower Fairies performance 2019KSD Junior Divertissements 2019Cecchetti Lower Junior part 3 +Awards 2017KSDance Don Quixote Fri.Sat cast 2018KSD Showcase 2nd run from above. 2018KSDance 'Narnia' from above 1st run 2018KSD Showcase 1st run from stage & auditoriumKSD Ballerina in Danger Saturday show from above 2018KSD Ballerina in Danger dress rehearsal 2018KSD Don Quixote Sunday cast 2018Cecchetti Teachers & Students Summer School Cecchetti Mabel Ryan Awards and classes Saturday 2018Cecchetti Barbara Geoghan solos + presentations Sunday 2018Cecchetti Senior Mabel Ryan Awards Class & Presentations 2018Ballet Boyz at Sadlers Wells 2019KSDance Junior Rehearsals Friday evening 2019KSD Class Variations rehearsals 2019KSDance Jasmyne Taylor Anna Fynn Olivia HobbsCecchetti Senior Mabel Ryan Awards 2017KSD rehearsals of Don Quixote 2018KSD Showcase (from side of stage a few numbers) 2019KSDance Don Quixote Sun cast from stage Arty 2018KSD Class Variations (from side of stage) 2019Cecchetti Day at the Royal Ballet School April 2018Richard Alston Sadlers Wells 2019 Cecchetti Barbara Geoghan solos part 1 2017Cecchetti Mens Class 2017KSD Junior Saturday rehearsals (close ups) 2019KSD Junior rehearsals Saturday 2019Cecchetti Mens Sunday Class 2018Cecchetti Lower Junior Mabel Ryan 2017 part 1Cecchetti Girls Class Barbara Geoghan and Fewster students 2018KSD Class Variations Rehearsals part 2 2019KSDance DonQuixote Fri.Sat cast from stage Arty +groups 2018Cecchetti Junior Mabel Ryan part 3 + Awards 2017KSD Class Variations 2019KSD Narnia from stage level and auditorium 2018Cecchetti Barbara Geoghan solos part 2 + Awards 2017Cecchetti Junior Mabel Ryan 2017 part 2KSDance Friday evening rehearsals Tap & Modern 2018Cecchetti Junior Mabel Ryan 2017 part 1Cecchetti Middle Mabel Ryan part 2 +Awards 2017KSD Flower Fairies Rehearsal 2019Cecchetti Lower Junior Mabel Ryan 2017 part 2Cecchetti Middle Mabel Ryan part 1 2017KSDance Rehearsals Senior Modern Babies Narnia 18
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