Chelsea Registry Office Weddings

This bride married at Chelsea Registry office was given a lovely surprise by  her new husband

The groom shaking hands with his best man outside Chelsea Registry Office. All photography by Elaine Mayson.

Here comes the bride.  She arrived in a large white Rolls Royce with her sons.  Stylish and co-ordinated in grey three piece suits, pink shirts and ties.

Cherished memories to last a life time!

Fun and laughter in the service as the bridal couple and guests relax.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs!Confetti flutters over the bride and groom as they make their way down the steps at Chelsea Registry office.


Classic pose in front of Chelsea Registry Office. A beautiful autumnal day. Now for the surprise!

Crossing the road family and friends make their way to the square close to Chelsea Registry Office.

Surprise the groom had planened a flash dance group to perform in the square.  Great fun!Taking part in the dance they walk under the arches to Milo Mars, ‘I want to marry you.’

The bride’s favourite song brings a smile to her face and a spring to her step.


Their turn to take to the floor and dance to the music.

Another burst of confetti and the dance group say hi!Lots of fun and joy.  All ready to leave the square and continue their day.

Standing next to their white Rolls Royce with the iconic red double decker bus in the background in Chelsea.