Chelsea Registry Office Wedding

Iconic Chelsea street.  Bride and groom enjoy walking in this dynamic, buzzy locality after their marriage at Chelsea Registry Office.  Photographs by Elaine Mayson instagram: photographerweddingemayson



Here comes the bride with her bridesmaids and page boys.  Linking arms with her father she smiles radiantly in Chelsea Registry Office.


Congratulations! Mr and Mrs . ‘You can kiss your bride.’

Signing the Register in London in Chelsea Registry Office. Photos by Elaine Mayson Photography.



Walking down the steps and out into a new life as Mr and Mrs @chelsearegistryoffice

A passionate kiss under the tree in Chelsea Square for the newly weds.

A spring their step as the wedding couple enjoy the sunny day in Chelsea.

Bride and groom off to their waiting car and wedding breakfast. At Chelsea Square. Photos Elaine Mayson.


Chelsea Registry Office Weddings

This bride married at Chelsea Registry office was given a lovely surprise by  her new husband

The groom shaking hands with his best man outside Chelsea Registry Office. All photography by Elaine Mayson.

Here comes the bride.  She arrived in a large white Rolls Royce with her sons.  Stylish and co-ordinated in grey three piece suits, pink shirts and ties.

Cherished memories to last a life time!

Fun and laughter in the service as the bridal couple and guests relax.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs!Confetti flutters over the bride and groom as they make their way down the steps at Chelsea Registry office.


Classic pose in front of Chelsea Registry Office. A beautiful autumnal day. Now for the surprise!

Crossing the road family and friends make their way to the square close to Chelsea Registry Office.

Surprise the groom had planened a flash dance group to perform in the square.  Great fun!Taking part in the dance they walk under the arches to Milo Mars, ‘I want to marry you.’

The bride’s favourite song brings a smile to her face and a spring to her step.


Their turn to take to the floor and dance to the music.

Another burst of confetti and the dance group say hi!Lots of fun and joy.  All ready to leave the square and continue their day.

Standing next to their white Rolls Royce with the iconic red double decker bus in the background in Chelsea.

Elaine Mayson talks to you about her wedding photography at Hampton Court Palace Golf Club in Kingston Upon Thames


A message of hope from Elaine Mayson one of the leading wedding photographers in the UK.  Though life is difficult and uncertain now later in the year may well be a wonderful period of love and festivities.

Stay positive, keep fit and stay safe.

All my good wishes to all my wedding couples and all those who are starting their marriage preparations in 2020

Elaine xx

Pembroke Lodge Wedding – Amy & Sam

Amy and Sam in the grounds of Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park. The flowers were a blaze of colour this year. Elaine Mayson Photography

Getting ready was hectic but the children were enjoying themselves.  Amy was nervous as all her hard work on organising their wedding was now going to be put to the test! 

Elaine Mayson Photography captured wonderful moments a the Harbour Hotel, Richmond Hill.

The groom and his Bestmen in the grounds of Pembroke Lodge.  Here we go!

The arrival in style in a horse and carriage then the ceremony in the Belvedere Suite at Pembroke Lodge.  Beautiful flowers.  Congratulations!

A quick trip in their horse and carriage round Richmond Park with their two children.  Perfect summers day Having fun in the grounds of Pembroke Lodge with Elaine Mayson Photography catching all the fun of the day! High kicks infront of the porch at Pembroke Lodge The happy couple in the beautiful gardens of Pembroke Lodge.  The rose garden was especially glorious with not only vibrant colours but heavenly scents.A romantic kiss in the Rose Garden at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park Congratulations to Mr and Mrs as they cut their cake.

A wonderful group shot after dinner on the terrace!Amy’s friends catching a photo by Elaine on the terrace after dinner.First Dance on the sparkly dance floor with the massive LOVE in the background.  Beautiful setting for a spectacular wedding.
Dusk descends but the romance and love continues at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park.

The Grange, Beddington Park Wonderful Wedding Celebrations of Sameer & Shenim

The perfect setting at the Grange. lovely warm weather for a summer wedding.  Cheers you are now man and wife.  A very happy occasion.

The bridemaids bring Shenim into the Grange for the marriage service.

The chairs and flowers are ready for the guests to be seated.

We did it and we are proud and happy!  Congratulations Mr & MrsLovely couple as they sign the register. A giggle between the newly weds in the grounds of Beddington Park with the Grange in the background.Lots of fun to walk and talk and pose for Elaine Mayson Photography on this happy day. The romantic willow tree epitomises romance as the couple pose under its leaves by the water. Reflections of brilliant times to come in their life together.An added feature to the garden. Two peacocks cut out of the hedges form a doorway to the park. Dinner is ready and the room has been transformed to welcome the guests for the wedding breakfast.Cutting the cake and making a wish. Family photos important for this special day.Farewell and have a beautiful life together.


Kingston Upon Thames Jennifer & Harry’s Wedding Party on the river Thames with Turks Launches

A Columbian artistic lady met an English gentleman in Bogata and there was an explosion of passion and desire to be together.  Today they are married and this party on the Turks launch was a celebration for them and all his English friends and family to enjoy.  The sunset on the boat was beautiful and Elaine Mayson Photography captured that dramatic moment.

Jennifer wearing a seductive dress is the perfect Latin bride. She puts the finishing touches to her dress in the boat before the guests board. Elaine Mayson Photography catches the light below deck in this moody shot.

The guests look on as Harry lifts up Jennifer in front of the Turks Launch in Kingston Upon Thames.  Congratulations!

All in pink. Romance is in the air and the balloons add a touch of festivity.  The perfect pose by Elaine Mayson Photography.

The guests now on the boat blow bubbles down onto the bride and groom and family before they too board the Turks Launch.

A dramatic photo of Jennifer as the sun sets on the river Thames in Richmond.

A passionate kiss as the sun disappears and the party buzzes with electricity.

Romance, love on the river Thames at Kingston in Surrey.


Wedding at Morden Registry Office followed by the Wedding Breakfast at Banstead Downs Golf Club

A family affair for this wonderful couple at Banstead Downs Golf Club.

Josephine arriving at the Edwardian building of Morden Registry Office in the limo with her sons.

We did it!  Look at us.  Cool and smart.

Signing the register in this beautiful elegant room.

Relaxed and having fun as the couple walk out of the registry room and pose nonchalantly for photos taken by Elaine Mayson Photography.

Posers! What a story.

Congratulations!  and Jubilations.  I want the world to know I’m happy as can be.  

The happy couple in front of Morden Registry Office and their stretched limosine.

Reservoir Dogs.  Looking good boys!

Anything you can do we can do better.  Banstead Downs Golf Club, Surrey in the background.

Lets all chat.  There’s so much to talk about.  Have you heard that Jo and Jamie got married?‘Lets take a romantic stroll my darling’

Cutting the cake and a party evening

The bride looking radiantly happy and that all important cake with the words Mr & Mrs Wilson


Hurlingham Club Summer Party and Spectacular Summer Solstice Party photographed by Elaine Mayson Photography

Hurlingham Club Summer party for a City Law Firm was a resounding success. Though this year there were a few showers for the most part all the guests could chat and eat outside. A spectacular spread of lobsters cooking on the grills gave colour and an exclusive feel to the already up market beautiful venue.  Anyone for croquet?

A whole group of actors, trapeze artists and fire throwers entertained the guests in a Midsummer Nights Theme.  The hostess is very artistic and this party was one of her more ambitious themed events.  Seen above is Oberon and Puck on the right with Titania the Queen of the Fairies on the left.

Oberon from the company Son & Sons photography by Elaine Mayson at the Summer Solstice Party.

Trapeze artists entertained in the grounds.  A band played and the wine and food flowed from quirky country style stands.

Entertainment started at Dusk.

Continuing when the sky was nearly black the entertainers dance with flames.  Behind them is the entrance to a huge Bedouin style tent that was to be the final show of the evening with dancing early into the morning with a 10 piece disco band.  Electric open fires burned amongst the seating to keep the guests warm and security guards were openly visible to ensure the guests safety.

The Hoola Hoop of fire.  An impressive show  on this Midsummer Evening.


Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park. Birthday party of Nivedita in the beautiful grounds of the Lodge

Pembroke Lodge nestling on the hillside in Richmond Park has the advantage of beautiful grounds filled with amazing flowers and a terrific view.  Nivedita’s husband had planned this birthday surprise!

Roses resplendent in the grounds of Pembroke Lodge.

Happy Birthday Nivedita.  Congratulations!

Nivedita and her grand daughter amongst the glorious flowers in the grounds of Pembroke Lodge.

Sisterly love by the rose trellis in the grounds of Pembroke Lodge photographed by Elaine Mayson Photography.

Having fun with a family photo.  Rain is on its way!

The black clouds are forming and the last rays of sunshine are about to disappear.

What a surprise for Nivedita!

Wonderful speeches, lots of laughter and delicious food made the day a super success!