Kingston Upon Thames Jennifer & Harry’s Wedding Party on the river Thames with Turks Launches

A Columbian artistic lady met an English gentleman in Bogata and there was an explosion of passion and desire to be together.  Today they are married and this party on the Turks launch was a celebration for them and all his English friends and family to enjoy.  The sunset on the boat was beautiful and Elaine Mayson Photography captured that dramatic moment.

Jennifer wearing a seductive dress is the perfect Latin bride. She puts the finishing touches to her dress in the boat before the guests board. Elaine Mayson Photography catches the light below deck in this moody shot.

The guests look on as Harry lifts up Jennifer in front of the Turks Launch in Kingston Upon Thames.  Congratulations!

All in pink. Romance is in the air and the balloons add a touch of festivity.  The perfect pose by Elaine Mayson Photography.

The guests now on the boat blow bubbles down onto the bride and groom and family before they too board the Turks Launch.

A dramatic photo of Jennifer as the sun sets on the river Thames in Richmond.

A passionate kiss as the sun disappears and the party buzzes with electricity.

Romance, love on the river Thames at Kingston in Surrey.