London, Kensington Chic and exotic wedding of Jianling & Allann


Jianling & Allan exurberance is fabulous to see as they enjoy their time in Kensington Gardens in London with photographer Elaine Mayson.  This is a union of Chinese Jianling with Iraqi Allann.  This is one of the reasons I love London for it’s melting pot of nationalities for all over the World. A great advocate for World peace. London street in Kensington captured by Elaine Mayson Photography. Elaine captures singing in the rain in the amazing street close to where she used to dance with English National Ballet.  Elaine enjoys bringing a little bit of the theatre into her shots.

The wedding couple enjoy the sunshine in the beautiful gardens. The London Plane Tree is one of the glories of the city and a romantic place to walk.Anyone for a bike ride!

Great Celebrations at the Olympia Hotel in Kensington London photographed by Elaine Mayson Photography.  A Western style first dance choreographed partly by Elaine Mayson in the hotel room, they did so well and had fun!  Then a true Iraqi party with festive music and a mouth watering array of Middle Eastern food. Delicious!