Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park. Birthday party of Nivedita in the beautiful grounds of the Lodge

Pembroke Lodge nestling on the hillside in Richmond Park has the advantage of beautiful grounds filled with amazing flowers and a terrific view.  Nivedita’s husband had planned this birthday surprise!

Roses resplendent in the grounds of Pembroke Lodge.

Happy Birthday Nivedita.  Congratulations!

Nivedita and her grand daughter amongst the glorious flowers in the grounds of Pembroke Lodge.

Sisterly love by the rose trellis in the grounds of Pembroke Lodge photographed by Elaine Mayson Photography.

Having fun with a family photo.  Rain is on its way!

The black clouds are forming and the last rays of sunshine are about to disappear.

What a surprise for Nivedita!

Wonderful speeches, lots of laughter and delicious food made the day a super success!